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Cultivating Peace in Uncertain Times

A Group Therapy Program with Lisa Butler, LCSW

Prolonged feelings of fear, isolation and uncertainty can lead to physical and mental/emotional health challenges. If you are dealing with any of these emotions, you are not alone. The good news is, PEACE is available to you right now and there are practical tools that will help you cope during these times.

Lisa Butler has designed a 4-week, Cultivating Peace small group therapy program exclusively for 8 women.

This program will:

Give you a safe, judgment-free space to process and explore feelings related to current events (including but not limited to COVID-19).


Help you understand how to implement mindfulness/meditation practices as a way to bring ease and peace to your day, no matter what is going on.


Equip you with tools to monitor your thoughts so that you become aware of events without experiencing them.


Empower you to identify and commit to the daily practice that will best serve YOU.

You absolutely can experience peace and joy in times of uncertainty! Lisa will show you how.

ONLY 8 SPACES ARE AVAILABLE. Registration is now open.


Group Sessions Start: June 9, 2020

"Lisa helped me challenge my negative

thinking and create a place of internal peace."

- Former Therapy Client

Lisa Butler is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked with women and girls for nearly 25 years. Through her private practice, she specializes in group, individual and couples therapy.


This group is for you if you are increasingly worried and anxious about the future, if you are ruminating over negative thoughts, if you find yourself feeling sad most of the time, and/or if you simply need strategies on how to create the peaceful life that you want.

A savings of $20.00

Make your first payment today and your second payment in 14 days


You can pay using Cash at time of joining (BCBSIL, United HealthCare, and Cigna are accepted for this program)

Click here to register now

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